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Our Mission

ONHL Mission Statement

Dedicated to enhance our patient and family’s overall comfort by providing the highest quality of care in a compassionate, dignified and nurturing way at the end of one’s life journey.

ONHL Hospice Goals

  • It is our goal to assist our patients and their families with their end of life journey.
  • It is our goal to deliver quality care in a cost-effective manner.
  • It is our goal to develop and support our staff to ensure excellence.

ONHL Hospice services improve the quality of life for terminally ill patients and their families through the provision of physical, psychological, spiritual and practical services. Our goal is to provide every patient and their families with excellence in care with services from the heart.

Palliative Care

ONHL Hospice Beliefs

  • We believe the patient is an individual with dignity and worth, and are viewed by us as persons with rights, dignity, and feelings.
  • We believe the patient has the need to find peace in death in an environment which recognizes his/her unique needs, rights to treatment, privacy, and independence.
  • We believe that we serve our patients, their families and society because they are all interdependent.
  • We believe the patient has the right to individualized, unbiased nursing care. This right is recognized regardless of the patient’s race, religion, economic or social condition.
  • We believe that it is every staff member’s responsibility to be an advocate for those we serve.
  • We believe that our staff is caring and committed to providing quality services.