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ONHL Hospice Beliefs

  • We believe the patient is an individual with dignity and worth, and are viewed by us as persons with rights, dignity, and feelings.
  • We believe the patient has the need to find peace in death in an environment which recognizes his/her unique needs, rights to treatment, privacy, and independence.
  • We believe that we serve our patients, their families and society because they are all interdependent.
  • We believe the patient has the right to individualized, unbiased nursing care. This right is recognized regardless of the patient’s race, religion, economic or social condition.
  • We believe that it is every staff member’s responsibility to be an advocate for those we serve.
  • We believe that our staff is caring and committed to providing quality services.

Why ONHL Hospice?

Hospice Care in Oklahoma

The decision to join the ONHL Hospice team is a decision that is rewarded on a daily basis by making life better for your patients and their families. Making one-on-one connections with patients and working to improve their quality of life in their final days takes true compassion. No matter what your role is at ONHL Hospice, your first calling is to care. Without talented clinicians who first and foremost care about their patients, and without support staff that genuinely care about their fellow team members, neither we nor our patients can be successful in hospice care. ONHL Hospice LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and operates a Drug Free Workplace. Please contact us for employment opportunities.